Environment Protection

The objective is to promote environmental sustainability through creating awareness among the population, promote better management of solid waste and promote conservation and restoration of eco-systems.

Health & Nutrition

To ensure that information about prevention of diseases is disseminated in the community to reduce the disease burden in our nation.


The objective is to promote quality education and learning especially in rural schools; by keeping girls in schools and improve literacy, numeracy and curriculum attainment.


The objective is to foster entrepreneurial activity among young people so as to drive success, prosperity, growth and opportunities in our economy.


Is a platform where people discuss everyday issues of life as they happen in their communities, sharing views, comments and solutions.


To promote Agriculture in this nation so that Ugandans start earning from it in order to reduce poverty.

Grass Root Sports

Our objective is to mobilize mainly under privileged young people into sports, so that we can help them grow their talents.

Sports encourages participation, it’s one of the tools that can be used to mobilize young people, promote individual talent but also engage to foster positive youth development,

There is need for an intentional process of providing all youth with; Support, Relationships, Experiences, Resources and Opportunities needed to become successful and competent adults.